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Writing Services

Legacy Expression

Writing creates an enduring legacy.  Buildings crumble and statues decay but the written word last forever.  Let us help you tell your story or stories to make your contribution to the great American landscape.

Writing Services

Create Your Own Opportunities


Opportunities have expiration dates, so why miss yours?  Writing is the opportunity to influence others on a mass scale with the least amount of effort.  Want to get started? Let us help you.


Writing and Publishing (Kindle Direct Publishing)


Ever dream of writing a story for promise, publication, or posterity? Share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences through the written word. Everyone has a story to tell, so let us help you tell yours!

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Online Peer-Reviewed Articles


Seeking recognition as an industry leader or acknowledged expert?  We can collaborate, negotiate, or simply advise you on the best means to publish your thoughts or expertise to share with your industry through our business consulting services, writing and editing services.


Hardcopy Peer-Reviewed Journal Article

(Wiley Publishers) Mentoring Leaders Across Race and Gender Lines: Insight from US Army Officers

Finished with your dissertation or thesis and want to have it published? This arduous process is not easy, but we are here to help!  Let us assist you in polishing up your article before you submit it to the journal and publication review teams.  This can be help with both writing and editing.

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