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Why I Help Leaders Design Legacies That Lasts...

My unique value proposition (UVP) was created in 2015 as part of an executive leadership exercise.  On Nov 8, 2017, Mandala Integrative Lifestyle was gracious enough to film an interview with the Director of Operations - Mr. Farrakh Khawaja, at the Davenport facilities.  The main interview question was: "Why do you do, what you do?" #Legacy 

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Why the Free Consultation? Welcome to The Colonel's Corner, sponsored by MyWingman, LLC. The Colonel's Corner is a series of insights on leader and management development, organizational planning, corporate training, or whatever business topic the commentary feels is appropriate for that time. If you enjoyed the segment, you can Like it on YouTube, Ask a Question (1-866-242-2260), Make a Comment below, schedule an Appointment,  or send an email directly at

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