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Inspired, Not Retired: Amazon Kindle Best Seller, Fatherhood


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"Dr. Burl's direct and likable style made the book hard to put down. Enjoyed the real life family stories and how the lessons learned can be put into action. The book is full of useful tools for new and experienced leaders. Many ah-ha moments when the author goes deep on concepts most of us take for granted."  Five Star Review of Inspired, Not Retired.

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 Inspired, Not Retired: Leadership Lessons from Father to Son then read the Sample Chapter.

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To help leaders better understand their organizations, its members, and themselves.

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We Help Leaders Design Legacies That Last © 2015 through leader coaching (Emerging Leaders through CEOs and Business Owners), organizational development, corporate training, mentoring programs design, and legacy expression.

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To assist executives in developing and cultivating organizational leaders; inculcate a positive organizational culture; and grow the organization to the desired levels of achievement.

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Action-Oriented; Results-Based; Value-Driven; Trusted-Agents

Our values align with our mission to help you better understand all aspects of your business and yourself as a leader.

Why We Help Leaders Design Legacies That Last...

My unique value proposition (UVP) was created in 2015 as part of an executive leadership exercise.  On Nov 8, 2017, Mandala Integrative Lifestyle was gracious enough to film an interview with the Director of Operations - Mr. Farrakh Khawaja, at the Davenport facilities.  The main interview question was: "Why do you do, what you do?" #Legacy 

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