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A Network of Consultants

Who We Are...

 We use a network of professional consultants who are seasoned military veterans and doctor of management civilian professionals.  We specialize in organizational development; leadership, management, and business; coaching and mentoring relationships; and writing services.   Each consultant has a Master’s degree+ and over 25-years of practical experiences.  

What We Do...

We Help Leaders Design Legacies That Last (c) 2015, through:

  • Leader Coaching 
  • Mentoring Program Design
  • Organizational Planning
  • Corporate Training 
  • Legacy Expression
  • Government Contracting 

Scholar, Practitioner, Leader, Founder

The Scholar...


(and Founder)

  Dr. Burl Randolph, Jr., DM  


Dr. Burl founded MyWingman, LLC in 2015 to continue his expertise in Helping Leaders Design Legacies That Last (c).  After nearly 32 years of counseling, coaching, and mentoring the Army way, Dr. Burl decided to align his military experiences with practical application in the business and community environments.  The pursuit of the Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership was the best means. 

The Practitioner...


(and Warrior)

Before Dr. Burl there was Colonel Burl.

Colonel Burl was a military practitioner in the Art of War in the Profession of Arms.  As a Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and Colonel, Burl served in Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom 1, and Iraqi Freedom 07-09 (the Army's last 15-month deployment).  Seeing war at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels provided the perspectives and appreciation for organizational alignment. 

The Leader...

The Leader

(and Executive)

As the Commander.

Colonel Burl served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) within his military speciality, and wherever else he was assigned.  This allowed for a birds-eye view of  decision-making, policy preparation, and troop leading at the highest levels of our government.  Colonel Burl saw that the basic leadership principle of 'checking' on people, processes, and policies never changes with the ascension through the leadership ranks.  

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