About Us

Who We Are

A network of professional consultants who are seasoned military veterans and doctor of management civilian professionals.  We specialize in organizational development; leadership, management, and business; coaching and mentoring relationships; and writing services.   Each consultant has a Master’s degree+ and over 20 years of practical experiences. 

Dr. Burl Randolph, Jr., DM


Founder, President, and Chief Consultant

Legacy Artist, Executive Leadership Consultant, Coach, and Facilitator 

Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership  (DM)

  Certified, Social/Behavioral Research Investigator and Key Personnel  2018-2020 

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) (27613951)

Colonel, US Army, Retired

Master of Strategic Studies (MSS)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

What We Do

We Help Leaders Design Legacies That Lasts (c) 2015, through:

  • Coaching Relationships
  • Mentoring Program Development 
  • Organizational Planning
  • Corporate Training 
  • Writing Services 

About Us

Dr. Jennifer Beaman, DM


Executive Leadership Consultant, Coach, and Facilitator  

Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership

Master of Organizational Management

Bachelor of Organizational Management

Mr. Edward 'EJ' Williams


Human Resources, Leadership, and Training 

Chief Master Sergeant US Air Force, Retired 

Master of Business Administration

Master of Human Resources

About Us

Mr. George Kinchen


Leadership development, Recruiting, and Law Enforcement Master Sergeant (Select), US Army, Retired 

Master of Business Administration 

Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Communications FEMA Management Emergency Disaster Certification 

Business and Management Consultant

Mrs. Catherine Ellis-Brooks


Organizational Development Expert 

Doctor of Management Student

Master of Science in Psychology 

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition